Long ago, the gods rose up and attempted to subjugate humans, turning on their former masters.


The godkind's most fervent human believers joined them, betraying their own, but other humans fought back, and a great war began. The gods remade the very face of the world, drowning most of it beneath the sea to render it unihabitable. Using wrightings, weapons forged of nife iron and powered by soul energy, the desperate human resistance fought the gods to the brink of defeat. But the godkind had one card left to play. Summoning up great beasts with the last of their strength, the gods ensured that even in their defeat, the few remaining human cities would be destroyed. Humankind sealed the gods in a prison within the Pit, the hollowed-out center of the planet.


One by one, the great beasts fell to the combined power of humankind's wrightings, but not before they had all but wiped human civilization from the planet. In shock and grief, the suviving humans laid a curse upon those humans who had sided with the godkind and survived: forever after, the traitors and all their descendants would bear the mark of the gods they had served, glowing eyes for all the world to see. Thus with the end of the Immurement War were its survivors placed into castes.


For two hundred years, humankind rebuilt and repopulated, using the corpses of the great beasts as foundations to rebuild the cities they had destroyed. Wrightings went from weaponry forged in desperate need to tools which formed the foundation of modern society. The hollowed-out Pit, now home to the prison of the gods, became a vast mine from which nife iron was pulled from the magma and sent to the surface to drive the economy.


All worship was deemed illegal and closely monitored lest it grant the gods enough power to break free of their prison. Violators had the dreaded Godbane visited upon them by the Pit's jailers. 


So matters continued until there was a breakthrough in wrighting technology. A Goddamned discovered that easily produced shock wrightings could be used to power mundane machinery of any kind. No longer was a specialized wrighting required for each type of task. He had invented Bottled Shock, what we would call a crude battery.



The economy transformed almost overnight. Previously expensive hand-forged wrightings were replaced with far cheaper Bottled Shock powered devices. With the economic upheaval came a societal one as well. The Goddamned, once they oppressed, now controlled the key to economic might of the future. The governing Centrality, once run entirely by the descendents of those humans who had defeated the gods, came almost entirely under the control of the Goddamned, who now styled themselves Blazings.


But the smiths would not go quietly. One man, Larimaine Dusinay, possibly the greatest smithing prodigy the world had ever seen, formed an organization of former smiths who quickly turned to terrorism. His primary target was Fulenthe Wrightingworks, the producer of Bottled Shock run by both the Centrality and his former lover, Cassia Lucani.


Everyone in the world knew that story, but not the other part. For while they had still been together, Cassia had born a child by him. Selestia she was named, and out of shame or secrecy, she was sent to live with a grandfather and quietly ignored by either of her parents. Eventually, needing to learn a trade, Selestia was sent to the Pit to apprentice as a smith and jailer to the prison of the gods. And on the morning of her sixteenth birthday, she was dismayed to hear the alarm bells ring, annoucing an intruder in the Pit...

What Has Come Before

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