Ses Lucani has one mission: keep humanity's murderous gods imprisoned. She's about to fail.

The gods have achieved the unthinkable. Inhabiting human avatars from within their prison's walls, they now gather followers and work to break it open from the outside. One of those avatars is Ses's own father.

Just as all seems lost, Ses learns of a recently unearthed artifact so powerful that it can repair the prison and save her father from the possession that is killing him. But in the wrong hands, the artifact could demolish the prison instead of repairing it. And it's already been stolen...

In a desperate race to control the object that will save or end the world, Ses faces a devastating choice as she realizes that no one is immune to the artifact's ancient promise of forgotten power. Not her family. Not her friends. Not even herself...


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.